No time to answer all of the e-mail inquiries separately, so here is an answer for all who are wondering….. yes, you could own this domain name….

Inquiries pouring in.

Escrow fees will be split evenly between the buyer/seller.
Although many offers are coming in (and being considered) the first offer to match the asking price will receive the domain name. There will be no additional opportunities for any other interested parties to match or outbid an offer matching the asking price. Offers below the asking price will be considered, but an offer at the asking price will be final.
Terms of transaction will be bound by non-disclosure agreement.
Buyer will have immediate control of domain name. Transfer of ownership will be confirmed prior to any funds being transferred. Safe, secure, guaranteed transaction through

If you are interested – do not wait – could be gone at any moment!


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To prevent having to continue to answer the same question time and time again, I have posted one response to answer all inquiries.  Yes, as with almost all other “things” in this world . . . if you offer the right amount . . . you can probably own it.

For . . . the right amount is ($175,000.00) and this is the link to take you to


Are you interested in owning Well, you are not alone.

There are not many surname domain names that can be obtained anymore.
Once purchased, surnames are usually held forever.
* * * Here is one available to the first bidder to meet the “Buy it Now” price. * * *

The 2016 Presidential Campaign stirred up all sorts of additional interest in

Now with 2020 coming and Trump’s vow to destroy Kasich, the interest is sure to grow even more! is an amazing opportunity!


Easy, fast transfer of the domain name to your choice of registrars.
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Imagine if you could have controlled over the past eight years, or what if you could control or today?
How much do you think you would have to pay to obtain  You don’t have enough money.  Surnames are impossible to pry away from current owners.

This is a very rare opportunity.

The power and prestige of a premium domain name is undeniable.

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No fighting for headlines . . . people will seek out your Web site.
Inform and influence voters. Speak your mind. Report the news. Share your thoughts. Critique and be read.

What would it be worth to have the eyes of the Nation follow your thoughts and opinions? What about the eyes of the World?

The President of the United States has always been a one name brand:

Obama & Trump

Will Kasich be next?


And now, everyone is realizing just how important the right domain name(s) can be to their online and real world efforts.  For most everyone, it is a realization realized too late. When you are referenced by your last name 85% of the time, you will want your

It would be great to own and most people would be fine just settling for that, but if you can own both, you will be light years ahead of everyone else.

If you are running for President – is the superior choice but, if efforts have already begun, it would also be an amazing supplement to your efforts. It would also be a sign of prestige to own such a valuable commodity. Very few can boast that they own their . . . (Trump (a billionaire) is one of them).

The problem for most is that their is rarely (if ever) available.

All names in the .com form are extremely valuable, but, for anyone on the Web . . . if the opportunity to own your arises, DO NOT MISS IT!

If these sold for: $180,000 – Sold 2/11/15 $150,000 – Sold 2/11/15 $150,000 – Sold 7/1/15

What is worth today? Tomorrow? Two years from now? Beyond?

$175,000 is an absolute bargain!


Do not leave traffic to your web site up to others, command your own traffic and offer the the most obvious and greatest path to your site with KASICH.COM.


Additional interesting reading from Smithsonian Magazine:

“Power and the Presidency, From Kennedy to Obama”

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