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John Kasich 2020

Kasich eyeing another run for presidency

John Kasich: Trump’s family separation policy is ‘insane’

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Kasich says he’s shocked: “It’s not America First, it’s America Alone.”

Republicans gobsmacked by Trump’s tariffs


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Trump rips into Kasich at RNC dinner

President Donald Trump on Thursday evening, tore into Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a GOP rival and potential 2020 primary challenger.


Kasich President 2020

Poll: New Hampshire primary voters likely to pick John Kasich over President Trump

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Controversial conservative/alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos purchases domain name – $150,000 

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Schwarzenegger picks a 2020 primary challenger for Trump: Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Reelection Campaign – 2/15/17


trump-1Trump Campaign Denounces John Kasich


Trump will fund revenge pacs to destroy Cruz and Kasich


“Donald Trump plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich”


It may not be long before Trump has a chance to put his money where his mouth is.
Cruz is up for re-election in the Senate in 2018. Kasich’s tenure as governor of Ohio will also end in 2018, but he could potentially make a Senate challenge against Democrat Sherrod Brown, who is up for re-election that year.
Both Kasich and Cruz have also expressed interest in making another run at the presidency in 2020.

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John Kasich drops out of presidential race


“Should I Keep Going?”

– ABC News

John Kasich Isn’t Exactly The Huggable Centrist Of Lore

– The Daily Caller


Nobody offering negative information about John Kasich leaves him ahead of Hillary in polls? Well feel free to begin sharing information. Let the media blitz begin!

John Kasich is the one Republican who can defeat Hillary Clinton

– The Atlantic

John Kasich Sees Path to Nomination Despite Low Delegate Count

– The New York Times

Kasich aides pitch convention strategy to D.C. power brokers


How long must America endure John Kasich’s sad delusions?



– Conservative Review

“Kasich, I mean, excuse my language, but, you son of a bitch, the republic is at stake,” Beck – The Hill

Fox News host Glenn Beck

“Ballgame Over?”


This Is Where John Kasich Went Wrong in His Presidential Run – Fortune

Is it over for John Kasich?

John Kasich Says If He Doesn’t Win Ohio, He’s Going Home


GOP Establishment to Kasich: Get Out, You’re in Rubio’s Way

Trump Twit

Trump Bashes ‘Irrelevant’ John Kasich on Twitter

Is John Kasich nearing the end?



Kasich Campaign Invokes Famed Anti-Nazi Passage in Trump

Vanity Fair19 hours ago
In a new ad released on Tuesday, John Kasich, one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump in the 2016 G.O.P. primary field, drew a …
Kasich Chin

USA TODAY‎John Kasich’s attempt to interrupt his way into Tuesday’s GOP debate soured — getting him ….


CNNMarco Rubio shined on the debate stage Wednesday night — and the timing couldn’t have been better.

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Nationally, Republican voters view Trump as their most electable candidate in a general election, according to an Associated Press/GfK poll released Sunday.

Kasich on GOP agitators: “What have they accomplished?”

CBS News
Ohio Gov. John Kasich had sharp words Sunday for members of his own party who are …


“Kasich is the most successful pro-life governor we’ve ever had in the state of Ohio.”

Mother Jones Washington Bureau
It took one round of questions in CNN’s Wednesday night presidential debate for the Republican candidates…

Washington Post
John Kasich (R-Ohio) was talking about how he has always wanted to be president. With no …

Kasich Campaign Hit By Charter School Data Rigging Scandal

Breitbart News

Ohio charter-school snafu: Workers – not John Kasich – aware of issues

John Kasich sits at second place in new NBC News/Marist New
Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks last week during a campaign stop at Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett, N.H. (Jim Cole, The Associated Press).